Ligand-based targeting

Philogen is a pioneer in the development of proprietary approaches for ligand-based targeting. We have discovered and developed targeted drugs, which are highly specific to markers found in tumors and in other serious conditions but are undetectable in normal tissues.

Philogen has more than 20 years of track record in the use of human monoclonal antibodies and of small organic molecules for pharmacodelivery applications. 

While conventional therapeutic agents distribute throughout the body and may harm healthy organs, a selective delivery of therapeutics (e.g., cytokines, drugs, radionuclides) to the site of disease may offer a benefit to patients.We typically use antibodies to deliver cytokines for the treatment of patients with cancer or chronic inflammatory conditions. Cytokines are proteins that modulate the activity of the immune system.

We use small organic ligands for the selective delivery of small payloads, such as cytotoxic drugs and radionuclides. This approach is complementary to the use of antibody-cytokine fusions and has already obtained clinical proof-of-principle validation.


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