Otelfingen (Zurich)

Montarioso (Monteriggioni)

Rosia (Siena)

Philogen is a fully-integrated Swiss-Italian biotechnology company founded in 1996 with a mission to innovate the treatment of cancer and other serious conditions. The company is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Philogen’s strategy is to deliver bioactive agents to the site of disease using antibodies or small organic ligands, thus increasing the therapeutic activity and helping spare normal tissues. The company has generated a strong proprietary pipeline of clinical-stage products.

Philogen is an integrated company, which discovers, manufactures and develops its own products. The company is headquartered in Siena, Italy and owns a subsidiary named Philochem near Zürich, Switzerland, where research activities are performed.

Philochem is a fully owned daughter company of Philogen and represents the Discovery Unit of the Philogen group.