Philogen Group

Founded in 1996, Philogen is an Italian-Swiss biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and development of biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of life-threatening conditions.

Philogen Group mainly discovers and develops targeted anti-cancer drugs, exploiting high-affinity ligands for tumor markers. These ligands – namely human monoclonal antibodies or small molecules – are identified through Antibody Phage Display Libraries and DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries technologies. The main therapeutic strategy of the Group for the treatment of these diseases is the so-called “tumor targeting”.

This approach uses ligands capable of selectively delivering strong therapeutic active ingredients (such as pro-inflammatory cytokines) to the tumor site, sparing healthy tissues. Over the years, Philogen has primarily developed monoclonal antibody-based ligands that are specific for antigens expressed in tumor-associated blood vessels but not expressed in blood vessels located near healthy tissues.

These antigens are usually more abundant and more stable than those expressed directly on the surface of tumor cells. This approach, called vascular targeting, is used for most of the projects pursued by the Group.

The Group’s goal is to identify, develop and market innovative products for the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical needs, by leveraging (i) its proprietary technologies for isolating disease-specific ligands, or substances that bind to biomolecules (for example, human monoclonal antibodies and small molecule ligands), (ii) its expertise in generating disease-targeting products (iii) its expertise in manufacturing and drug development, and (iv) its extensive intellectual property portfolio. Although the Group’s products primarily address applications in the oncology field, the targeting approach is also potentially applicable to other diseases, such as certain chronic inflammatory diseases.

In the Investor Relations section, aimed primarily at investors and analysts, relevant communications regarding the Philogen Group will be made available, including financial results and business development activities.  The goal is to consolidate our relationship with the financial community with a view towards long-term transparency.


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