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Philogen announces publication of best-in-class FAP-targeting small molecule ligand (OncoFAP) in PNAS

May 4, 2021

Study shows impressive tumor uptake of OncoFAP with unprecedented selectivity against healthy organs.
OncoFAP-based molecules are currently being developed for the imaging and therapy of cancer.

Philogen announces participation to the 10th World Congress of Melanoma
Philogen will give a poster presentation about the phase II study of Daromun (NidlegyTM) for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Philogen announces publication of the construction and application of an innovative DNA-encoded chemical library in Nature Chemistry
Study shows the generation of a high-quality stereo- and regiodefined DNA-encoded chemical library.
Identified ligands against tumor-associated antigens can serve as vehicles for pharmacodelivery applications.