Recombinant antibody technology has revolutionized the way monoclonal antibodies are isolated, both for research applications and for the development of pharmaceutical products. We have developed ‘single-pot’ libraries containing billions of antibody clones, suitable for the isolation of high-quality binders against virtually any protein target of interest.

We own or have exclusive rights to four human antibody libraries (ETH-2, PHILO-1, PHILO-2 and PHILO-DIAMOND) that contain over 50 billion different binding specificities. We also own a unique mouse antibody library (PHILO-TOP).
Our human antibody libraries have been used to generate high-quality binding specificities against >100 different antigens, including human monoclonal antibodies which are currently being developed in clinical trials by Philogen.
The antibody libraries contain monoclonal antibodies in scFv format. Once monoclonal antibodies which are specific to the target antigen of choice are isolated, they can be easily reformatted into other recombinant antibody formats (e.g., IgG, Fab, mini-antibody, Fc-fusion) using well-established capabilities which are available within our companies.


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