Teleukin is a fully-human immunostimulatory ‘empowered antibody’. The rationale for the development of this product relies on the fact that recombinant interleukin-2 (IL-2) is an approved biopharmaceutical (“Proleukin TM”; Novartis) and that the fusion protein, consisting of the human vascular targeting antibody F16 and of human IL-2, has demonstrated a striking superiority compared to non-targeted IL-2 in models of cancer. The IL-2 moiety, concentrated at the site of disease has an immunomodulatory influence, and stimulates the influx of leukocytes to the area.
Teleukin has previously been tested in clinical studies in various solid cancers.
More recently, Teleukin has shown the potential to enhance the therapeutic performance of other agents, including taxanes.


  • Teleukin is being studied in combination with cytarabine in AML relapse after alloHSCT.

  • A Phase IIb trial in combination with paclitaxel in Merkel Cell Carcinoma is on-going.

  • A further clinical trial is also in planning (undisclosed details).


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