OncoFAP is a small molecule radiotracer for the non-invasive detection of a variety of metastatic solid tumors targeting Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP). FAP is overexpressed in more than 90% of the epithelial cancers, including malignant breast, colorectal, ovarian, lung, skin, prostate and pancreatic cancers, as well as in some soft tissue and bone sarcomas.

The OncoFAP product consists of a (i) small ligand targeting FAP, (ii) an innovative spacer structure and (iii) a DOTAGA chelator. OncoFAP-68Ga is being developed for the imaging of a panel of different tumor entities. If dosimetric results are adequate, the beta-emitting counterpart (OncoFAP-177Lu) could be used for therapeutic applications.

OncoFAP displays best-in-class performance with the highest reported affinity to the FAP antigen. In preclinical models of cancer, the product shows a very rapid and efficient accumulation in tumors (>30% of the injected dose per gram of tumor, ten minutes after the intravenous administration) and exceptionally low kidney uptake.


  • OncoFAP-68Ga has recently entered in a first-in-man imaging study in breast cancer patients.


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