Philogen is awarded a research grant from “Regione Toscana” for a project focusing on the development of new strategies of Factor V purification for patients in need thereof.

  Poster Progetto FV-OD


Dario Neri, the co-founder and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board presented at the 11th Annual European Antibody Congress in Basel, Switzerland, 9th-11th November.
The title of the talk was “Armed Antibodies for the treatment of Cancer and of Chronic Inflammation: From the Bench to the Clinic”. Basel (Switzerland), November 9th-11th, 2015.

Dario Neri, the co-founder and chairman of the scientific advisory board of Philogen will deliver the keynote speech at the First Boston Symposium of Encoded Library Platforms in Boston, 6th November.
The title of his presentation will be “Single-Pharmacophore and Dual-Pharmacophore DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries: A Comparative Evaluation”. Boston (USA), November 6th, 2015

  First Boston Symposium Encoded Library Platforms


Philogen is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaborative agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim to investigate novel treatment approaches for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Siena (Italy), October 12th. (see full Press Release).


Philogen. Data from Phase Ib clinical trial of Dekavil in rheumatoid arthritis were presented at the 4th Israel-Italy Meeting of Autoimmunity and Autoinflammation: Cutting Edge. Siena (Italy), September 27th-28th.


Philogen attended BIO in Philadelphia, PA (USA), 15th-19th June, 2015.

Philogen presented "Dekavil (F8-IL10), a novel therapeutic approach for rheumatoid arthritis: ongoing Phase Ib clinical trial results." at EULAR Rome 2015. Rome (Italy), 10th-13th June, 2015.

Dario Neri and his lab at the ETH Zurich are the recipient of an ERC Advanced Grant for the project titled  “Zauberkugel: fulfilling Paul Ehrlich’s dream of therapeutics with activity on demand”. Zurich (Switzerland) June 1, 2015.


Giulio Casi presented "Targeting disease with armed antibodies and small molecule drug conjugates." at SMI ADC Summit 2015. London (UK), 18th-19th May, 2015.

Dario Neri presented "Arming tumor-targeting antibodies with cytokine payloads: Emerging clinical results." at PEGS (Essential Protein Engineering Summit) 2015. Boston (USA), 4th-8th May, 2015.


Dario Neri presented "Arming tumor-targeting antibodies with cytokine payloads: Emerging clinical results." at AACR Annual Meeting 2015. Philadelphia (USA), 19th-22nd April, 2015

Mattia Matasci presented "Targeting disease with armed antibodies small molecule drug conjugates" at Antibody Targeted-drug conjugates 2015. Porto (Portugal), 13th-15th April, 2015.


Dario Neri presented "Antibody-cytokine fusion proteins: from the bench to the clinic" at 1st International Symposium for Medicinal Sciences organized by the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) in association with the 135th Annual Meeting of the PSJ (Kobe (Japan), 25th-28th March, 2015). Kobe (Japan), 27h March, 2015.

Philogen was present at BIO-Europe Spring® Conference. Paris (France), 9th-11th March.

Philochem announced the publication in the prestigious journal Nature Chemistry of an article entitled 'Dual-display of small molecules enables the discovery of ligand pairs and facilitates affinity maturation'.
This publication covers a novel strategy for Philochem's DNA-Encoded Self-Assembling Chemical Libraries, a technology which is protected by patents granted in virtually all major commercial territories. This new approach has generated ligands with dramatically improved tumor targeting performance, and this breakthrough was highlighted in articles published in Corante and BioCentury Innovations. Zürich (Switzerland), 3rd March.


Giulio Casi - presented "Arming disease-targeting ligands with cytokines and cytotoxic drugs" at World ADC Conference. Frankfurt (DE), 24th-25th February.


Dario Neri - presented "Immunocytokines for the Therapy of Cancer and of Chronic Inflammation" at Biochemical Pharmacology Discussion Group (NY Academy Sciences/Boehringer). NY (USA), 27th January.

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